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22 August 2009

Kenny the Policeman?

Ya’ll may have heard by now that Kenny Chesney is involved in a little bit of a controversy. He recently confiscated a camera from one of his fans at a show in Foxborough. ContryMusicNewsBlog has a great opinion piece up about it that I can’t agree more with. I wish more people in the industry would think the way whiskeychick does.

Don’t get me wrong. I sympathize with artists not wanting unreleased material out there without their approval. They have every right to try and keep that stuff from coming out if they don’t feel its up to par. Still, I think everyone could lighten up a little about concert clips and music videos. Let’s be realistic, here. Artists want the videos seen right? Well, since GAC is the only channel that I know of that features music, concerts and similar programming all day, sometimes we have to let the fans get these videos out by other means so they can be enjoyed. As WhiskeyChick says... free publicity is a good thing. So is the word-of-mouth from your fans.

What do you guys think? Are you with Kenny on this or do you agree with the other side? Write back and let’s talk about it. Take care and I’ll see y’all tomorrow with more.

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