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03 July 2009

The Muzak Heart And Soul Foundation Makes Some 'NOISE'!

Another release I got and wanted to pass it along to y'all. Sounds like a great program to me. Anyone taking part in this? I'd love to read first hand accounts!

Nashville, TN (June 30, 2009) The Muzak Heart & Soul Foundation focuses on strategies to help improve music education in our nation’s school systems. Grants are given to music programs both in public and private schools across the country. NOISE! was the very first summer program established seven years ago by the Muzak Heart & Soul Foundation for teens whose long time dream is to be part of the music industry one day. The mission of Muzak Heart & Soul Foundation is to support & redefine music education. By providing hands on experience, like that offered at NOISE!, students can learn how to turn their passions in to real-world opportunities by learning from professionals who are outstanding in their various fields within the music industry. This year NOISE! will be held at Vanderbilt University in Nashville , TN from July 12 -23.

The students who are selected to attend the 11 day music camp are outstanding in their grades and extra curricular activities during the school year. Selection is based on merit and not on socio-economic status or geographical region, so everyone has the opportunity to attend this highly coveted summer “camp.” Students learn about Noise! from the 14,000 posters that were sent to high schools music programs throughout the country. Scholarships are provided to 32 selected participants by the Muzak Heart & Soul Foundation, a leading supporter of music education in the United States and also the official provider of NOISE!

“With music education at the forefront of Heart & Soul’s mission, I can’t think of a better way to engage our future young music executives than with NOISE! The experience that these young people will take with them from this highly concentrated music camp can truly make a difference in their lives,” says Bob Cauley, Muzak Heart & Soul Foundation President.

At NOISE! students learn from a wide range of role models including artist managers, record label producers, music critics, audio architects and other industry insiders. They have the opportunity to create career plans, take field trips and show off their talent.

Sponsors for NOISE! 2009 in Music City USA include : Best Buy Musical Instruments Store, Matchless Transportation Services, South Central Sound, BB&T, © 2008 Taylor Guitars, The Loveless CafĂ©, Loews Vanderbilt Plaza and Sambuca restaurant in Nashville , TN.

The Muzak Heart & Soul Foundation was established as a 501(c )3 non-profit public charity organization in 1998 by Muzak LLC. The Foundation’s mission is to redefine and expand the scope of music education.

The Muzak Heart & Soul Foundation helps students turn their passion for music into real world opportunities – by providing teens with new and exciting programs focused on all aspects of the music business. To learn more visit us online at or call us at 803.396.3512. Muzak Heart & Soul Foundation can be found on Facebook under the “causes” app. Facebook members can also request to join the Noise! 2009 group on the social networking site. Additionally, a MySpace page dedicated to the Foundation can be found at


Anonymous said...

Check out this website for daily updates and photo links:

Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm one of the students involved in Noise! 2009. I would love to give you some first hand information if your email is available.