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06 January 2009

Single Alerts....

Some good news out there for fans of Lady Antebellum and Carrie Underwood. They've both announced what their new singles are going to be. Lady Antebellum will be releasing "I Run to You" while Carrie Underwood is going to release "I Told You So". You can check out youtube clips of them performing these songs below...

"I Run To You" Courstesy of TheRanFan:

"I Told You So" courtesy of enricovids:

Neither of these songs would have been my personal choices for singles, but I have to admit that they are growing on me. They're good songs and Carrie is already getting some buzz for releasing a more "traditional" song. Here's to both becoming hits on the country charts. So what do you think out there? Are these good choices or no? What would you have picked instead? Be sure to comment and let everyone know!

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