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30 November 2008

Austin Law

I just had the chance to listen to Austin Law's new single Neon Halo and I enjoyed it a lot. The song is a look at a woman who's been hurt by someone she loves and goes out to forget the pain of the situation.

The song is a mid-tempo number that sounds like pure southern rock and the lead singer's voice sounds like it was made for this kind of music. If the rest of the CD is anything like this, I think they have a good disc on their hands. Here are some fast facts about the band.

  • Micheal Austin (the lead singer I mentioned) is actually a deputy sheriff! He's part of the San Bernardino force and is a vetern of the US Air Force.
  • John Rich is behind at least one of the songs on the album.
  • The band is made up of 8 people, each one bringing some different influences to the band.

If you wanna learn more about them, check out their MySpace page or their page on MyCountrySpace.

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