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07 November 2008

Release Day Review!!

Abby Abbondanza has had an odd road to the release of his debut CD today. He didn't even start getting into music and learning to play anything until he was in his 20s. He had been encouraged to get up and sing some karaoke. Afterwards, he caught the attention of the PovertyNeck Hillbillies, who tapped him to be their lead singer. Together, they made a mark on the local scene and even became the official band of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Today, he and the band have parted ways and Abby has launched a solo career. His debut CD, Promised Land, is a southern rock inspired outing that shows an artist in his element. His smooth vocals tell stories of times and loves gone by and everyday life that people are sure to relate to. The Southern Rock sound is mixed with more traditional country sounds and range from slow to uptempo numbers, creating a great disc for either relaxing at home or getting people going at a party. He isn't just a pleasing voice, either, as he had a hand in writing several of the songs on the disc.

Bottom Line: Most country fans can find something to like here. The album was scheduled for November 11th, but there was a release party today and it appears you'll be able to pick it up early. be sure to visit his site to sample the tracks yourself and get your own copy.

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