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19 August 2008

Laura Bryna...

Are you going to be at the Indianapolis Air Show on the 23rd of this month? If so, you'll get the chance to catch Laura Bryna in action. According to the reports, this will be the first time the show has actually scheduled any live musical performances. First Micheal Phelps, and now this... history seems to be getting made a lot lately, huh?

If you haven't hear of her, or gotten her album Trying to Be Me, check out her MySpace page to see what she's all about. The disc is available on Itunes and other retailers. You can also check out the show's site to get details about tickets.

In other country news, I'm excited about the upcoming release of Taylor Swift's CD, Fearless, which has a date of November 11th. Of course, release dates are always subject to change. Brad Paisley, anyone? Apparently, that one got changed to Election Day. On the bright side? This one might actually get real attention and airplay since there will be a couple of songs with lyrics on them. I figured a fully instrumental album would be too risky to a label. Looking forward to both!

Before I go, I want to introduce a new feature: Song of the Week. Each week, I'll post a clip to a favorite song/video of mine. I hope y'all will enjoy and tell me what you think of my picks. And my pick for this week is...

"Almost Over You" By Lila McCann

I chose this because I love Lila's version of this song. She really is gifted to have been able to sing that with some emotion at such a young age. Now, we just have to wait for her label to get with it and release something from her again.

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