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29 August 2008

Carrie Underwood Needs You!

She's doing it again! Carrie and her team have decided to once again let the fans have their say. If you check out her MySpace page, you'll see a poll to the left asking what her next single should be. The choices are: "You Won't Find This", "Get Out of This Town", "Crazy Dreams", "I Know You Won't", "Flat on the Floor" and "I Told You So".

Personally... I'm hoping for either "Flat on the Floor" or "Get Out of This Town", although I could take most of these songs being singles. The only one I hope doesn't make the final cut it "I Know You Won't". I love Carrie's vocals, don't get me wrong, I just found them over the top on that track. I felt like reaching for the Advil by the time that song was done. So what do you all think? After you vote, I'd love if you came back and told me your choices.


Chris said...

I voted for "Get out of this town". I like the lyrics and it fits her.

Jamie B said...

Good choice :) Of course... it's hard to come up with a bad one with all the great options she's given us on this CD. Thanks for stopping by!