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05 August 2008

And so it ends....

Well, Nashville Star has ended, and I'm a little surprised by the outcome. I was personally thinking Shawn would be the surprise winner and Gabe would be the runner-up. When Shawn was eliminated, I figured it was going to be Gabe, considering John Rich has been pimping him so hard. But neither one was to walk away with the crown last night. Instead, Melissa Lawson became the new Nashville Star and I was left scratching my head in confusion.

I have nothing against Melissa, but her voice wasn't any better in my mind than most of the others (I'm still mourning Pearl Heart) and she's the one who's the least "marketable". So, how does she end up being the one who is supposed to become a new country star? If the powers that be would not put the effort into talents like Angela Hacker, Chris Young and Buddy Jewell, what hope does Melissa have? Not even the tiny little blonde Ericka Jo got much push and the entertainment industry in general seems to love that type.

No matter what happenes with Melissa, I do believe she'll find some kind of niche for herself somewhere. I don't think she end up a country susperstar, though. I do think that Shawn, Gabe or Pearl Heart will end up being the ones to have something come out of this show. Even if it's small-time success. Melissa, however, is in for an uphill battle for several reasons. One, she's not the usual "type" in this business and I wonder how invested a label will actually be. Two, I can't stand that song they chose for the winner.... one generic song about taking chances and changing your life given to all three, the winner releases it. If they were smart, they would have had the four finalists working with a songwriter to come up with a song that doesn't have "reality show coronation tune" written all over it to really show the person's talents off. Three, I point you once more to the Nashville Star track record. Not very impressive, save for Miranda Lambert.

Good luck Melissa and all the other contestants. Now is the time to do everything you can to establish your own credibility as artists and show people you really are deserving of the position you've been put in. Credibility, and a little luck, will be the thing that takes you somewhere from this point on. Not the "Nashville Star" title.

In better, and somewhat related, news.... Carrie Underwood's new video has been added to the CMT website. You can see it here. I haven't been able to see much of it yet, but what I have seen is pretty good! It's the first Carrie video to feature dialog and allow Carrie to show off her acting. So what do you all think? Did the right person win Nashville Star? Is Carrie's new video a hit or a miss? Comment and let me know! Take care, everyone... see ya next time!

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