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29 July 2008

Nashvile Star's Almost Done....

and I actually sort of enjoy some of it last night. With only one more week to go, things went pretty much the way I expected them to... with Coffey getting the boot. Again... nothing personal, but it always felt like he was trying way too hard to fit the "country" mold while never looking comfortable in the part. And here's a tip for you when you sign up for round two of Idol or whatever other talent show debuts over the next couple years: lose the excessive vibrato. It's annoying on the Rascal Flatts singer and it's annoying on you, too.

As for the others... I was so-so on Shawn through most of the competition and now I like her. Getting rid of John Rich was the best move she could've ever made, cause she's really coming into her own under Jeffrey's mentoring.

Melissa surprised me with her rendition of "Jesus, Take the Wheel". She seemed to make it her own and knew to change it up a bit instead of trying to do a straight copy of Carrie's version. A very wise move, indeed.

As for Gabe, I like him and think he has a pleasant voice. I just don't like John Rich's over-the-top praise every week and how he's constantly going on about the fact "country needs you". I kinda feel like John's just trying to find a replacement for Juilo, Jr. after he failed to take over the country world after winning Gone Country. If Gabe wins, I'll be fine with it. I just think he (and the rest) need a little bit of time to develop more before jumping out there.

Good luck to whoever wins this... there's not much time left before the Olympics and I can't imagine being thrust into such a major event so quickly. Let's hope whoever it is can pull it together and make it through the performance unscatched... and that their label will actually invest anything in them. Past winners haven't seemed to have much luck.

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