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02 July 2008

Jeremy McComb "My Side of Town"

I just got done listening to Jeremy McComb’s country music debut, My Side of Town, and it was a very enjoyable listen! He has an interesting voice, kind of like a less gritty Gary Allen. His style is an interesting mesh, ranging from "new country" type songs to tracks that sound like they came straight out of a honky tonk. McComb himself wrote several songs on the CD, released in May. Here are some of the stand outs for me on the disc:

Wagon Wheel: This is one of those honky-tonk numbers I was talking about. It’s a rocking song about trying to get home to someone you love. The music I thought was an interesting choice, adding some life to what could be a somber tune.

Day One: This is another really interesting track. It really combines some traditional country sounds with a modern twist. This is a song about moving on from the end of a relationship and being able to continue living, one day at a time. He sings it with plenty of attitude, getting across the "I’m ok" message, while still selling the idea that this is a struggle. Definitely check out the piano work towards the end of the song.... you’ll like it!

Cold: This has a more "new" ballad sound. It’s more pop than a few of the other songs, but a great track. There seems to be a theme on this CD, as McComb again sings about love and loss with emotion and conviction. I especially love the way he sings the line "something bout the way I’m feeling, is telling me that I’m not really leaving".

Not Tonight: This is a really fun number that has "summer song" written all over it. It actually reminds me a little musically of "That Song in My Head". It’s basically people dealing with a bunch of different scenarios, but they’re not going to let things get to them right then. They’re gonna take time out to enjoy life and take the moment in.
Overall, this is a really great debut... one that says "I'm here and I'm planning to stick around awhile". I hope he does. Well, that's about it for now. See y'all next time with more news and reviews!

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